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Facility Management

Does your facility deliver customer satisfaction and maximum revenue? We’re the proven provider of parking solutions that satisfy both.

Axis Parking

Revenue Control

Proper utilization of your facility directly impacts profitability. Axis Parking exceeds your needs with facility management controls and procedures focused on delivering impressive results. By continually assessing revenue and operations, we can identify opportunities and problems and take action.

Traffic Flow

The ingress and egress of traffic can deter customers and ultimately hinder profitability. By assessing your property’s traffic behaviors, Axis Parking can make recommendations and execute changes to ensure optimal profit and superior customer experiences.

Axis Parking
Axis Parking

Operational Challenges

With tenured leadership and direct involvement by a member of our executive staff, issues are addressed promptly. Our agile responsiveness enables us to resolve problems quickly and maintain superior service for your customers.

Asset Management

We’re committed to maximizing your parking facility’s returns by evaluating current procedures and logistics and implementing changes focused on service and profitability. Our responsive personnel and the use of the latest technologies means real-time reporting, quick resolution of damage claims and service issues, and better customer experiences.

Axis Parking
Axis Parking


We’re not just another vendor. Our passion to be a partner who knows you, reflects your vision, and is dedicated to achieving your goals is the foundation of our business.

Marketing & Promotions

From the moment we commence the operations of your car park facility, we drive new parking customers to your site through a range of marketing programs that harness the latest technologies. Recognizing the individuality of each car park environment, our sales and marketing team develops and implements a marketing plan that’s based on growing your market through gaining a better understanding of your existing parking customers. We also develop co-promotional activities with local businesses within a car park’s "community of interest" to drive new customers to each site.

Axis Parking
Axis Parking

Commercial Management

Axis Parking advises its clients in the following areas: rates, parking-friendliness, safety, promotion, house style, signage and the accessibility of the car park in question. Upon request, Axis Parking will represent or advise its client during meetings with, associations of owners and government agencies.

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